Hello to Heaven!

Dua is a beautiful gift from Allah. It is a connection between slave and the Master. It is a way of building relationship between creation and the Creator. It is the legit conversation a person can ever have with God if its done in right attitude.

Why people make duas? Whatever the true definition of dua is, today’s people only make dua when they are in dire need of something. If they need a job they will make a dua before a interview call. If they catch any disease, then they will remember Allah. If any problem occur then it is right time to call the Master of everything to solve that problem like in seconds for them. That is not right attitude!

The problems also lie in way of making dua and dealing with the aftermath of it. The way of asking is like placing orders at any service providing application and then demanding quick delivery of parcel. It is so wrong, Allah is not providing any customer services to us. This is not the procedure of making dua. It does not suit any slave who is at lowest status and asking the Almighty in such attitude. Totally erroneous!

Lets talk about disappointments people show if their duas are not fulfilled. For everything in this world we do struggle. Everything demand efforts. If we place any order we pay for that. If we want money we work for 8 hours per day. Whilst for duas nothing is done but result are demanded per expectations. And if desired results are not achieved then people get offensive and aggressive. They behave like they won’t ever ask again to Allah. Their duas are not answered. The worst thing that could happen is they lose faith in Allah. This leads to atheism that is at peak in today’s world. And atheists lives are just miserable, they are the depressed people and their end is mostly suicide.

Dua has great importance in religion Islam. Quran opens with a dua — Al-Fatiha. Quran is composed of so many duas of prophets because dua is a prophetic tradition. Allah recorded these incredible examples not for just we praise them but for getting lessons. These examples teach us that dua is a submission to Allah to show gratitude, to acknowledge that He is the Provider. He is the sole Master and we are nothing. He has bestowed upon us so many countless blessings without even asking. Just think a life without air. We can’t breathe for some minutes without it. We don’t ask for air even then Allah has provided it in abundance for us. But we never thank Allah instead we complaint for those duas which are not fulfilled, while there is hidden goodness in it. We don’t know what is best but He knows — Al-Aleem.

Consequently, a right attitude for making dua is that when our duas are not fulfilled, we should not lose hope. But we should believe that this is the best that could happen for us. Allah’s plans are indecipherable for individuals for time being but in a long run they proved to be the most legitimate. So, talk to Allah about your life, not just remember Him in hour of need but also show gratitude for every piece of life.

“If you give thanks, I will give you more”. — Quran

May Allah make us people of faith, people of tawakkul, people of dua.



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